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Karlie Guse and the ‘Cinderella Effect’

Martin Daly and Margo Wilson’s groundbreaking research into the innate risks stepparents present to their stepchildren synthesized the data that we...

You Can’t Fake Concern

Human beings are amazing creatures. From our stunning anatomy and physiology to our reproductive processes, our mobility, our intellect, and communication,...

Shaping A Narrative: The Disappearance of Karlie Guse

Karlie Lain Guse went missing after smoking marijuana at a party she wasn't supposed to be at. She lied to her...

Re-Humanizing Karlie Guse

Perhaps this is the time to remind everyone of something...Karlie Lain Guse is not just a "missing" person.  She's a real...

Cast of Characters

Karlie's mom, Lindsay, arranged for Dr. Phil to take on Karlie's case After Zac and Lindsay divorced...


Karlie Guse’s Confirmed Contaminated Witnesses

Karlie Guse From A Distance

The Mandela Effect


Selective Attention Test


Dr. Phil Was Threatened By Guse Attorneys

The audience waiting on the set of Stage 29 was growing impatient. Nervous glances were exchanged along with shoulder shrugs. It...