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Who's Who In Karlie's Case

Karlie and her cast of characters
Karlie’s mom, Lindsay, arranged for Dr. Phil to take on Karlie’s case

After Zac and Lindsay divorced in 2004, Karlie lived with Lindsay in the Bishop, CA area. In 2012, when Karlie was 10 years old, Lindsay moved to Bakersfield, CA and Karlie stayed in Bishop, CA to live with Zac and Melissa full-time. Two weeks before Karlie’s disappearance, Lindsay moved to Yerrington, NV.  She has full legal and physical custody of Karlie, though she was not exercising physical custody when Karlie disappeared.

Lindsay has stated that she had a cooperative co-parenting relationship with her ex-husband, Zac Guse. She enjoyed a close relationship with Karlie. After Karlie’s disappearance, Lindsay’s suspicions grew about Zac and his wife, Melissa’s account of what happened the night and morning of Karlie’s disappearance – as stories and timelines changed.

Lindsay has come under attack since Karlie’s disappearance because Karlie lived with her father and stepmother. This arrangement was made to keep Karlie in her small school and in the community in which she grew up.  She was surrounded by extended family in Bishop, CA.  Grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, and cousins all lived in the area.  It was a mutual decision made in the best interests of Karlie at the time.

Melissa Guse: Karlie’s Stepmother

Melissa has been married to Zac Guse since 2009. Melissa works at a title company in Bishop. She is the last known person to see Karlie before her disappearance. Melissa made 27-30 (reports vary) Facebook Live Videos in the days following Karlie’s disappearance sparking suspicion and ridicule. She has admitted to lying to the media about aspects of Karlie’s disappearance. Melissa has changed her story multiple times. Sources close to Melissa say she is a heavy drinker and uses meth. Those same sources say that she resented that Zac had older children when they married and she wasn’t fond of Karlie.

Zac Guse: Karlie’s Father

Karlie lived with Zac and his wife full-time from age 10 until her disappearance. Zac worked in construction until accidents due to intoxication caused his termination. He was reportedly drunk the night/morning Karlie disappeared.  Zac allowed Karlie to smoke weed in front of him when she was 13 years old in a parking lot during a concert.  One wonders how a child at such a tender age was able to access marijuana without adult participation.  He was there with a female friend and her 16-year-old son.  Both adults allowed their minor children to smoke marijuana in front of them.  This same female friend is alleged to have had ‘inappropriate relations’ with her son’s underage friends.  Locals say he is a mean drunk and would strike his oldest son in the head while intoxicated. He is now employed at the Bring Karlie Home Foundation.