Melissa Guse filming herself outside 24 hours after Karlie’s disappearance telling her audience which way Karlie “walked”. Melissa’s face is illuminated by her phone screen.

So, this is the way that she walked…and she walked away from the house and walked down the street that way. Just wanted everybody to see from my perspective.

Melissa Guse, Facebook Live, October 14, 2018 @ 0635

The natural question is, how did Melissa know which way Karlie allegedly “walked away”? At this point in time, Melissa had spoken with witness #1 Richard Eddy and he hadn’t been formally interviewed by law enforcement. Witness #2 (Ken Dutton) and witness #3 (Steve White aka ‘the wooder’) hadn’t come forward yet. Melissa is also wearing a white t-shirt which friends say is something she wears quite frequently. Our guess is that once witness #2 came forward with a clothing description of the unknown female as wearing a white t-shirt, Melissa Guse abruptly stopped wearing white t-shirts.

Melissa Guse in long-sleeved white t-shirt October 14, 2018

Melissa Guse is trying desperately to push the narrative that Karlie “walked away” from her house that morning. Her mind is so bent on convincing her Facebook audience that she has forgotten she shouldn’t currently “know” which way Karlie “walked away”.

Richard Eddy – Witness #1 aka ‘hot tub guy’ @0630

According to Melissa Guse on Facebook Live, she and Zach searched around their neighborhood for Karlie the morning of her disappearance. Melissa spoke to her neighbor, Richard Eddy that day when he was outside. She asked him if he had seen her daughter that morning. He said he had seen a female walking by his house at 0630 while he was in his enclosed hot tub room, drinking coffee, and relaxing in his jacuzzi. It is uncertain whether he said that the unknown female was holding a piece of paper up and looking at the stars then, or at a later time. What we can ascertain from his encounter with Melissa is that he offered the alleged time but no clothing particulars. In Melissa’s Facebook Live later that day, she used Richard Eddy’s time as the reference for when Karlie was last seen. She reported that Karlie was wearing skinny jeans. The Guse’s did not want him to be interviewed on Dr. Phil perhaps out of fear that it will be known that he is not sure he saw Karlie.

On October 17, 2018 @2131, Melissa stated that “only one person said that they saw her wearing the white t-shirt with the grey sweatpants“, yet as the days, weeks, and months have passed, all of the alleged witness statements have evolved into virtually identical accounts. This is a phenomenon called witness contamination.

Richard Eddy is retired from the LA Sheriff’s Dept. The current sheriff of Mono County retired from the LAPD roughly 10 years ago. Locals report that they are acquaintances. Investigators have expressed no doubt in what Richard Eddy claims to have seen in the dark, through steamy hot tub room windows, from 150 feet away. He may very well be a nice guy…that still doesn’t make his eyewitness testimony credible. His testimony is so unreliable, it would be torn to shreds in a court of law due to environmental conditions alone.

Standing on the porch of 12 Sequoia St in White Mountain Estates where Witness #2 (Ken Dutton) allegedly saw someone matching the description of Karlie Guse @0700

Melissa first mentioned witness #2 on her October 14, 2018, FB Live @1106. The witness called Melissa and spoke to her first. “I just had a neighbor call me and inform me that he saw her yesterday morning walking down the road towards Highway 6 wearing a white t-shirt and sweatpants…grey-dark grey. He saw her around 7:30, 7:15, 7:30 in the morning.” Karlie walked by his home every school day on her way to the bus stop. Was he remembering the correct day? The time he supposedly saw her was the same time she normally would’ve been walking to her bus stop at White Mountain Estates Rd and Hwy 6.
Ken Dutton was a resource specialist and golf coach at Bishop Union High School until members of the golf team reported that he was texting and driving. He had never had Karlie as a student in his classroom. He was evicted from his rental in White Mountain Estates and moved to Lone Pine. He was unaware of Karlie’s disappearance until his wife informed him on Sunday, Oct 14. He then called Melissa Guse to report he saw an unidentified female walking by his home on the morning of October 13, 2018, @0700. He reported that the female kept looking back at him. One of the difficulties regarding his eyewitness account is that even though he describes the unknown female’s behavior as odd, he did not call out to her or try to engage her in conversation which would be typical “teacher” behavior if they recognize a student from the school where they teach. Ken Dutton provided the clothing description for the unknown female. Ken Dutton has not said that he saw the piece of paper the unknown female was said to be carrying by witness #1. Local sources say that Ken may have felt a need to inject himself in Karlie’s case to feel important. He is now the principal at Lo Inyo Elementary School in Lone Pine, CA. The Guse’s did not want him to be interviewed on Dr. Phil perhaps out of fear that it will be known that he is not sure he saw Karlie. Ken Dutton has not been cooperative with Karlie’s private investigators.

Ken Dutton – Witness #2 @0700

Mono County Sheriff along with the Guse’s are planning a public relations event where Ken Dutton will finally speak publicly. He has gone from saying that he saw “someone matching the description of Karlie” to now saying he’s certain he saw Karlie. Ken Dutton amended his story to match witness #1 and is now saying the “someone matching the description of Karlie” was now carrying a piece of paper. Ken’s memory keeps getting better and better as time passes.