It’s been twelve months since Karlie Guse vanished into thin air. After the first six months, there were a few straggling missing posters still up for Karlie in the town of Bishop, CA. Residents reported that her posters looked weather-worn and haggard. If they were torn down, they were not replaced. Sun faded and sad, owners of local businesses reluctantly took them down. The world barely missed a beat and the majority of Bishop residents went back to business as usual. Melissa said three days after Karlie’s disappearance,

I understand life goes forward.

Melissa Guse, Facebook Live, October 16, 2018 @0710
Better late than never?

Indeed it has Melissa. Indeed it has.

So, imagine the surprise when Mono County Sheriff’s Office along with the FBI announced a press event commemorating the one year mark of Karlie’s disappearance. It’s more important to have a press event one year later and not when a person goes missing, right?

One year is an important milestone of non-investigative effort and they want to celebrate their success at not finding Karlie Guse. Surely others at the press conference do as well.

The Mono County Sheriff wants to emphasize the validity of their “confirmed” witnesses for everyone and have them reinvent reaffirm their sightings of Karlie who seemingly snuck out of bed without waking her doting stepmother, dressed herself in clothing she didn’t possess, left behind her most prized possessions, her ability to see, communicate with the world, pay for things she may want or need, her car (what teenager wants to drive when they can walk?), and strolled out into the barren desert landscape hiding herself so well that Apache helicopters with heat-sensing equipment couldn’t find her or was ‘snatched up’ by a ‘human-trafficking-pedophile-kidnapper-early-bird’ on that desolate stretch of Highway 6 that goes coast to coast. What are the odds? How amazing that she was so confused and so stealthy simultaneously! That Karlie…always the overachiever.

‘Impression management’

With the press event looming the Guse’s have been busy as beavers painting the town with Karlie’s new glossy missing posters. The appearance of giving a damn has become a priority, at least until October 11, 2019. Only the best for your girl, right Zac?

One thing is certain. People from far and wide are all watching to see what happens on October 11, 2019. Who will be seen as the victim by law enforcement? Will it be another ‘leave-the-last-people-to-see-Karlie-(alive)’ alone fest? Will Karlie be the primary focus? Or, is this yet another effort to defend the indefensible? We shall see.