Perhaps this is the time to remind everyone of something…Karlie Lain Guse is not just a “missing” person.  She’s a real person. Before all of this happened to her, she was a junior at Bishop Union High School looking forward to getting her driver’s license.   She loved to dance and act silly. She loved music. She enjoyed skateboarding. She was a girl who could pull off wearing skinny jeans like a runway model.  She was effortlessly beautiful. A rare combination of boyish charm and feminine energy. She was stylish…the equivalent of the perfectly executed messy bun.

Like many teenagers in her area, Karlie liked skateboarding and Vans

She loved her brothers, mom, dad, and stepmother.  She loved all animals…especially her dog Breeze. She had a quick wit and a self-effacing sense of humor that let people know she didn’t take herself too seriously. She loved making people laugh because she knew that was the quickest way to make others comfortable.  Karlie was deeply empathetic. This quality afforded her the ability to know what people needed without a word spoken. The people who knew her best describe her as a calming presence. Karlie didn’t demand much attention for herself and she put others first. Her reassuring demeanor was in contrast to the high standards she held for herself.  Ever the neatnik, she prided herself on tidiness. She liked to keep things orderly because it helped her world make sense. So, let’s take this time to remember who Karlie was as a person before she became one of many “missing” persons. She’s not just a teenaged girl who lied to her stepmother. She’s not just the pot-smoking, paranoid, wayward teen.  She was so much more. For those that knew her best, please share the experiences that you had with Karlie. How you felt in her presence. The funny things she did. The things that make you remember her with fondness and say to yourself, “that’s so Karlie”.