Searching for a cohesive map showing mining activity close to the area of Karlie’s disappearance was a bit more difficult than I anticipated. When it started loading on the computer screen, I thought it wasn’t working correctly.

I was wrong. When the state of California is panned out, there are so many mines that the words overlap and are illegible. Given the history and perhaps the original reason for California’s statehood, it shouldn’t have been surprising. Yet, I found myself muttering, ‘you’ve got to be sh*tting me’. If the whole situation wasn’t so sad, it would be comical.

The Guse residence is noted with the red arrow. All of the black markings are either mine prospects, mines, or caves…and this is only showing the area immediately behind their house…

After some light research about mining and prospects, it became clear that a prospect can be anything from a hole drilled into the earth to a full-on mine shaft and everything in between. All of the areas marked with an ‘X’ are prospects. The pickax symbol denotes a mine and everything that goes along with it. What’s interesting, is that one mine can have several shafts or entrances. So, for every pickax symbol, there may be multiple shafts.

When a prospective area is investigated for mining, by necessity, there is a road created. Most, if not all of the roads leading up to prospects or mines require a 4 wheel drive vehicle or something like a Polaris to access.

Venturing in or around a mine is a dangerous business and shouldn’t be undertaken without expertise. This is precisely why a professional search and recovery group such as Texas Equusearch needs to be involved in Karlie’s case.