This article was written by Roxanne Walter on January 25, 2020,  and serves as a rebuttal to Damion Moore’s blog on ACJ.   Thank you, Roxanne, for allowing us to republish your amazing work! 

Damion Moore and his collaborators are keyboard cowards who say what they want with impunity. They are a fraudulent line of folks claiming substance where none such exists.

Yesterday American Crime Journal released more libel and scandal-mongering “articles.” We know who is behind Damion Moore’s aspersions. She chooses to do her dirty work hiding behind the Moore boys.

Damion Moore and his associates have a disregard for laws and basic moral decency. They have doxxed individuals and wreaked havoc in many people’s lives, all while crying victim and pointing the finger at others for their own misdeeds. I have shown readers evidence of this with side by side comparisons…in their own words.

When the volunteer searchers purported to have found Karlie’s DNA & decomp in the soil it brought things to a standstill, potentially long enough (as common sense dictates) for leads to go cold and folks to drift further into the shadows. The dysfunctional cast of players created a bifurcation of information. They are still, over a year later, attempting to divert attention from their malfeasance and sloppy search efforts. They were glory hounds that came up short after blasting false leads, information, and successes that were actually miserable failures. They are now trying to save face and smear the others who took the professional approach.

They are bitter for being exposed and are trying to deflect. A common tactic of scammers – to point observers in another direction. They have banded together to destroy good people who sniffed them out early. They besmirched every concerned professional who detected their novice efforts and self-serving shenanigans from the start. The actions of the perverse crew are shameful. Their ineptitude has transitioned to pure evil as they campaign to sully the reputations of legitimate professionals in an attempt to cover their misdeeds. I’ve yet to see any record of Travis Moore’s SAR successes or bona fides. The only thing I know is that he has an extensive criminal record and can sit behind a computer and throw shade.

There is zero proof that Karlie walked out to Fish Slough, got hypothermia, and was consumed by coyotes and now nothing is left so the truth may never be legally known. It did not happen. In their arrogance, they did not consider that some might seek second or third outside independent professional forensic opinions to recheck areas and claims. Not everyone felt the need to post search-related efforts on social media. Real heroes don’t go on Facebook and toot their own horns. When you do that you are looking for praise and glory.

Just because some didn’t sign up to be a part of their poop collection team in the desert doesn’t mean they did not contribute significantly. The folks that chose to follow up on tips in Reno, hang flyers, search hospitals, bus stations, and homeless shelters…thank you for your efforts. Please keep it up. Just because the perverse crew doesn’t know about it, doesn’t mean you have not contributed. The Fish Slough folks were not the only ones looking for Karlie. Sadly, she has yet to be found. I still have hope that Karlie will someday be found, and I pray every day that she is still alive.

Damion Moore and those behind American Crime Journal’s overwhelming arrogance and the fantasy world of incredible self-worth are mind-boggling. They are volunteer searchers who fictitiously appointed themselves in charge of Private Investigators and others trying to coordinate search efforts.

They talk about inappropriate relationships, accuse people of having sex with dead farm animals, and prostitution…It is Moore Deflection®

It was Kammie Foote that said Travis was the only man she felt vulnerable enough to cry in front of. He held her on the floor in her living room at 2 am, while her husband slept in the next room. She bragged about it to others. Her “daughter was in the house” while Travis Moore was big spoon, with his scat scratchers all over Kammie. It was Kammie who met with Travis during her out of town business trips. One man, a hotel employee, reported seeing Kammie Foote meet a man, that fit Travis Moore’s description, in the hotel lobby during her 2019 Colorado trip for work. It was also reported that she recently met him in Chicago during her work trip.

I have not been able to confirm 100%, it is more like Arpad’s machine’s accuracy of 85-90%, that Kammie Foote met Travis Moore on a Tinder-like app during one of her out of town work trips. They met for the first time, in person, when he went to Bishop to help her validate Arpad’s clandestine grave machine and Paul Dostie’s dog. It was said that they had been sleuthing other cases together online prior to Karlie’s disappearance.

Before Kammie’s late-night cuddle sessions with Travis Moore, she tried to set up Bishop locals with him on dates. The women declined. Pro-tip from the women that I have spoken with that declined a date with Travis Moore…they were not interested because of a lack of basic personal hygiene.

Do You Smell Something?

With his prior history of violence against women, they sure did dodge a bullet with that one.

While Kammie was trying to set Travis up on dates, she told the women, “If I wasn’t married, I’d be all over him.” A few days later she was, including bankrolling his needs while in jail. However, the care for him seems to stop there as she hired an attorney for her needs only, and not for the guy doing her dirty work.

When Kammie Foote contacted BSIS to file a complaint about one of the Private Investigators, she called and represented herself as an elected official, not as a citizen. BSIS contacted her back and assured her that he did indeed have a valid Private Investigator license. They explained to her that if she had any concerns, she should get a civil attorney. Kammie Foote and Jennifer VanHuis then attempted to file additional complaints against the Private Investigator. They encouraged others to do so as well. They went out of their way to solicit complaints against the Private Investigator. Their new false claim was, “he misrepresented himself.”

A friend of Travis Moore named Jamie Ortiz has a brother. Her brother and his partner Greg (an ex-cop) had an investigation business and a side pornography business. Jamie’s brother was Greg’s secretary.

Jamie tried to hire Greg to take Michael Boone down. He would not do it without pay, so she shared his PayPal to her friends in an attempt to raise funds for Greg’s services.

What they did not understand was that Michael Boone and his partner Leon agreed to trade off being QM because they were both in their sixties. It was set up, due to their age concerns, that if something were to happen to one of them, the business could continue. Michael took the test in California and passed. That’s why his license says PI partner and not partner only.

Paul Dostie, Arpad Vass, Kammie Foote, and Travis Moore set up a biased investigation from the start. Their motive was to prove the Arpad’s hoax grave machine and Paul’s dog. They did not want a Private Investigator getting in their way or possibly disproving their false claims of search success.

Moore Projection®

American Crime Journal stated:

“Sadly, they’ve attempted to solicit witnesses by pretending to be myself  [sic] and others in order to obtain vetted information to try and critique, twist and distort from the safety of their closed group and homes. Plagiarism, it [sic] is rampant throughout the “ramblings of unsubstantiated claims”. Defamation is rampant, despite the fact that numerous allegations have been proven wrong, inaccurate and deliberately malicious.”

The Truth:

Damion Moore has no journalistic background. He does not even have a business license to operate Angry American Crime Journal. He takes newspaper articles and rewrites them as if he interviewed the individuals himself. In a previous “article” Damion stated that he contacted EPA PD. That is a lie. There’s a law called Brady. It means, that city employees are not allowed to give out any information about current, former, or retired police officers. When Damion said he interviewed employees at EPA PD about Michael Boone, he lied. He took an article out of the San Mateo Times and manipulated it to sound like he interviewed the woman.

‘Moore’ Lies®

American Crime Journal wrote:

What business detailed the Guse’s car three days after Karlie disappeared?

Not one within 100 miles of Bishop.

Wendy replied, I was just joking getting them worked up.

Are you kidding me, those people will salivate waiting in agony with bated breath? Is this a goddamn joke?

No. As long as Karlie is gone, for some, as long as she is missing, there is money to be made pushing a conspiracy. Michael Boone, Private Investigator and now Power of Attorney* over Karlie Guse’s biological mother- Lindsay Fairley orchestrated an attack on search and rescue volunteers, defamed a drone search team, personally refused assistance and insulted Texas EquuSearch and others saying they weren’t vetted, to prevent and discredit any attempts to find Karlie Guse. The organized search efforts ceased from then on. (Sourced and vetted)

*Editor’s Note:  It is routine for Power of Attorney (POA) to be granted when the distance is prohibitive for gaining a signature from the grantee.  Michael Boone does not have POA for Lindsay Fairley in the sense that Damion Moore is insinuating.  Michael Boone can act on her behalf when doing what is necessary while searching for Karlie.  ~Karlie’s Angels  

The Truth:

A woman reached out to Officer Scobie and EquuSearch and offered to coordinate search efforts in 2018.

Travis Moore spoke up for the Guse’s and said that EquuSearch was a remote organization and in bankruptcy. He also called them inefficient and impractical. Kammie Foote and Travis Moore were not interested in EquuSearch’s help and wanted to do it themselves. They wanted to control the narrative so that they could validate Arpad Vass’ hoax clandestine grave machine and Paul Dostie’s dog with Karlie’s case.

In 2019 the woman reached out to EquuSearch again (along with the Private Investigator) to make search arrangements for Karlie Guse. The previous EquuSearch point of contact had passed away unexpectedly and they had to start the process over again.

According to Damion Moore, he called some of the search organizations working with the Private Investigator. At the last minute, the search organizations canceled their trip to look for Karlie, citing “they were too busy with other cases” as the reason they would be unable to search.

The Private Investigator was clear in his agenda that any search organization would be required to work in coordination with law enforcement AND could not be associated with fraudsters Arpad Vass and Paul Dostie. Like many others, the PI did his research and frowned upon con artists telling families that this is where their loved one died, without any form of independently verifiable evidence. That was the boundary. If it hurt some of the organization’s feelings, then they should do more research into Arpad Vass.

Wendy was also in the process of organizing search parties for Karlie Guse during Memorial Day weekend. Travis Moore learned off Wendy’s efforts and purchased an airline ticket and planned to return to Bishop. I do not know if Wendy was aware of this. Her search was planned during the opening day of fishing season in Bishop and accommodations were almost impossible to arrange.

Due to the lack of lodging, one of the groups planned on camping. Travis Moore took to social media and attacked the character of the woman leading that particular search group. She had made three prior trips to Bishop to search for Karlie. It was decided that it was unsafe for her and her crew to return at that time, due to the actions of Travis Moore.

When Travis learned that all search groups had canceled their plans to search for Karlie Guse during Memorial Day Weekend, he canceled his flight or put it off for another date.

It was Travis Moore who called [Texas] EquuSearch “inefficient and impractical” and discouraged them from looking for Karlie. It was Damion Moore that called search organizations and caused problems. It was Travis Moore that attacked the character of the volunteer equestrian searcher that wanted to return to Bishop on Memorial Day Weekend, and it was Travis Moore that attempted to shame the woman organizing the search.

In typical Moore fashion, they accused Wendy of their actions. While Wendy was scheduling search efforts for Karlie Guse, Travis Moore posted what he believed to be an unflattering photo of her in a public Facebook group. It was an attempt to embarrass her. She was falsely accused and/or it was insinuated, that she had a criminal record. When she responded to defend herself, she was mocked.

It was Laura Kent who said, “I WAS SCREWING WITH WENDY BECAUSE HER FEATHERS GOT RUFFLED SO EASILY. I said she has a record and she got defensive (Smiley face emoji).  She does have a record birth record, record of address, etc. Never said she did a day in jail or was a felon but it was assumed that’s what I meant by it.”

Hangman Anyone?

There is a paper and pencil guessing game called Hangman. I hear it is popular with the KGLM®. It is for two or more players. One player thinks of a word, phrase or sentence and the other(s) tries to guess it by suggesting letters within a certain number of guesses.

For this round of Hangman, the question is, “What business detailed the Guse car three days after Karlie disappeared?”

Hint, “The people that supposedly detailed the Guse car are Zac and Melissa’s swinger buddies.”

Answer: J _ _ _ _ _ _ r & J _ _ _ _ y B_ _ _ y.

Perhaps Jamie Ortiz can figure it out for Damion.

‘Moore’ Racism®

Wendy was then called, “racist white trash.” First of all, for a white man & woman (of privilege), claiming to be victims of a Lynch Mob… is kind of racist. It is certainly inappropriate and historically insensitive.

Let us look at Some Moore Projections®:

  • “It’s actually funny in that screenshot that [name removed for privacy] attempts to talk street or black… then actually tried to pull off the whole Cholo thing, called me “ese”…Imagine, a middle aged white woman from Iowa, pretending to be a 19 year-old black youth and that is exactly how it read. Funny thing is, the first thing she accused me of, was being black. The above screenshot demonstrates everything that is wrong with these people and more.”

~ Damion Moore

  • “I got a friend request from a Harilal Siddiqui. I can’t even, I don’t even know…well guess what, he’s dangerous, he’s from India.”

~ Melissa Guse. October 15, 2018.

‘Moore’ Libel®

From what I understand, Jamie Ortiz is, “really good at Google.” I’m wondering if she fact-checked the following statement by American Crime Journal before they decided to publish it:

“Schwartz shot to fame (somewhat), at least was on the periphery of the B-list pornstars. This was most likely due to her age being 50, and the controversy surrounding her. She left Colorado’s State Parole Board to work as a mature adult film star, even more bizarre- her husband at the time, was Larry Schwartz, who was elected to Colorado’s General Assembly. According to the article, “he supported her decision”. Probably the money too. Today, they are no longer married and he is a Colorado Judge in the 10th District Court.”

I will be sending a screenshot of that in an email to the Colorado Judge and let him know what American Crime Journal has publicly stated about him.

I’m curious if American Crime Journal will delete the false statement about the Judge and then claim they did not say it as they did with the structure at White Mountain Estates when they tried to mislead the public by claiming it was Karlie’s school bus stop. Will they print a retraction and an apology, or will they stand by their research?

What about the false statements they have made about me?

American Crime Journal stated:

Look at that (read it again), Lindsay Fairley is irate, and rightfully so! So, this “Roxanne Walter” and her clone site of ACJ (often imitated, never duplicated), who props Lindsay up on a pedestal and thinks she is getting in good with Lindsay by peddling her paranoid conspiracy bullshit, who never talked to about her “autoimmune disorder” and “being in recovery”? This is like going to Chinatown trying to get a taste of Korean culture, and then try to educate fools on it. And they eat it up. I wouldn’t want a readership that stupid and with those sub-standards. Tabloids have higher standards.


I have never discussed Lindsay’s autoimmune disorder. Saying Lindsay was in recovery was a mistake by the author. I was not the author. It was an unfortunate choice of words by whoever wrote that piece. I apologized for sharing it and removed it from my post. I did not publicly retract the statement because I did not write it.

There are a couple of other things on the site that needs to be corrected. I was going to write to them and bring them to their attention privately. However, I will take this opportunity and address it now.

Correction number 1. The site claims that Karlie smoked marijuana in front of Zac a few weeks before Karlie was reported missing.

That information should be updated to, Zac allowed Karlie to smoke marijuana in front of him when she was 13 years old. It was in a parking lot during a concert. Zac was there with his female friend and her 16-year-old son. Both adults allowed their kids to smoke marijuana in front of them. It has been stated by Bishop locals that this woman has had inappropriate relations with her son’s underage friends. 

Correction number 2. The site insinuates that Damion Moore and Travis Moore are the same person. That is incorrect. Damion Moore is the Sprint kiosk worker at a Walgreens in Sandwich Illinois and is married to a drunk child endangering grandmother.

Travis Moore is the guy from Colorado with a history of violence against women, had pockets full of scat and when his Daddy isn’t helping him, he likes to let older married women pay his way. But I understand the confusion between the two.

Other than that, everything else looks accurate on the site.

Damion Moore, his page admins, associates, and sources are entitled to their faulty perception of people. They are not entitled to state it as fact.

Sitting behind a computer spewing hate and discontent does nothing to help. I wish Arpad’s machine worked, think of all the good it could do. Why stop with missing persons? It could find terrorists (the FBI has a whole list of them), most wanted criminals (lots of those too), drug lords…with just a few clippings of a relative’s fingernail. I mean it is straight out of a Comic book. It is weird that Arpad Vass declined the 1 million dollar JRF challenge with all his “credibility, success in previous cases, resume, & peer reviews”? I guess he would rather make his money off the backs of taxpayers and vulnerable families of the missing.

If people really want to make a difference for families of the missing, there is a lot of healthy, positive, and constructive things they can do to contribute. I hope someday Damion Moore, his associates, and other unsavory characters will find greater purpose than engaging in online bullying, stalking, and scandal-mongering. More importantly, I hope this nightmare comes to an end and that Karlie is found. My prayers go to her friends, family, loved ones and community.

Families of the missing should never be told, “this is 100% where your loved one died,” without any independently verifiable evidence to back it up.

Karlie was exploited, as was her disappearance because Dr. Arpad Vass and Paul Dostie had something to prove. She doesn’t deserve to be reduced to scat to serve those with an agenda. She deserves to be found.

If you have any information concerning the disappearance of Karlie Lain Gusé, PLEASE come forward and be Karlie’s hero.

You can contact the Mono County Sheriff’s Office by emailing them at:

or by calling: 760-932-5678

You may also contact the Sacramento Office of the FBI by calling: 916-746-7000

or contact your local FBI office at:

or contact your nearest Embassy or Consulate at:

or you can submit a tip online at

All tips can remain anonymous.

Please do not submit tips to social media pages. Please contact the authorities directly.

The FBI is offering a reward of up to $5,000 for information that leads to the location of Karlie Lain Gusé.

Websites & Information About Karlie:


Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC):

NCMEC Number: 1341118


Case Number: MP56874