The Guse’s PR team is at it again…defending the indefensible.  This time Zac takes center stage in their “Karlie story”. Pull up your carpet squares kiddies and they’ll spin you a yarn. 

Zac has risen from his drunken state to become an active participant in the ever-evolving saga of “what happened the night before Karlie disappeared?”  He was holding out on us folks. Listen closely and don’t forget your boots. 

According to Zac, Karlie spoke to him the night before and said she was waiting until morning.  And then what did she say? Zac must’ve asked her what she was waiting to do in the morning? Nope. When did Karlie say that to her dad? That’s anyone’s guess. It seems that Zac let her words hang there and didn’t respond.  It is an interesting addition to the Guse’s story of ‘what happened’ to Karlie. It leaves the reader to fill in the blanks…the very thing the Guse’s love to hate – yet need to have. I’m betting she was waiting until morning to make pancakes. What are your thoughts?  

She was waiting until morning…

That’s it. 

Pictionary or Charades?

In true non-journalistic fashion, Travion (Travis + Damion Moore) doesn’t inquire as to what Zac’s response was to Karlie’s “newly remembered” cryptic comment to her father.  By all appearances, Zac didn’t ask his disoriented daughter what she meant. He sure as hell didn’t take what she said as a sign that perhaps he better watch her closely. That’s completely normal for a parent to ignore an indication of planning from their disoriented daughter, right?  Ok, no it’s not.  

Interestingly enough, when the Guse’s were interviewed by Nancy Grace, the most Zac could recall is that she smoked pot and he didn’t know what was wrong with her.  That wasn’t good enough for Nancy, she probed further. It was easy to hear Melissa coaching him in the background…say she was paranoid…SAY PARANOID!  

If Nancy Grace was able to perform field sobriety tests over the phone…Zac would’ve blown over the legal limit.  Right before his interview on Nancy Grace’s talk show about his missing daughter, he was throwing back more than just a few. Not guilty…at all… 

Does anyone else think Melissa was playing charades with Zac while he was on the phone with Nancy?  How exactly does one act out she was smoking pot…she was standing in the corner afraid of not being safe…she was afraid of us?  If those walls could talk…

What Happened to Karlie, Version #14

Oh yes, we mustn’t forget the newly revealed text that Karlie allegedly sent her boyfriend during the night.  The same boyfriend who has said that he couldn’t reach her by text or Snapchat all night. The same boyfriend who said Karlie didn’t respond to any of his texts.  Melissa herself stated Karlie didn’t want to use her phone and it was in the kitchen all night. So, now Travion and the Guse’s would like us to believe that Karlie indicated in her disoriented state that whatever she ingested was “laced”… with a phone she didn’t want to use… or have in her possession.  Mmmmkay, where to begin? A person as disoriented as the Guse’s would like us to believe Karlie was, would not have the self-awareness or clarity to realize whatever she ingested wasn’t typical for her or “laced”. That’s what disoriented means folks. A state of not being oriented to reality.  

You Can’t Have It Both Ways

Who here believes that while the Guse’s knew many were struggling to believe their story, they would’ve held that little nugget back from the public?  A piece of somewhat tangible evidence that they weren’t completely full of shit? That’s what I thought [cue crickets chirping].

They keep digging themselves deeper and deeper.  

Karlie allegedly told her father she was “waiting for morning to come” to which, Zac did nothing. He asked nothing. He prevented nothing.

Sorry Zac, no nominations for the father of the year coming your way anytime soon.

Keep the shovel ready. 

Travion and Zac’s next assertion is about Karlie’s text to her boyfriend indicating she had an awareness that whatever she ingested or smoked earlier was “laced”.

Option #1:  If Karlie had an awareness that something was “laced” = she wasn’t disoriented = they are caught in yet another lie.  

Option #2:  Karlie was as disoriented as the Guse’s proclaim = Karlie didn’t send that text = Guse’s are lying.  

Either they are revealing a previous lie or are currently lying.   

Let’s not forget in their latest version they are essentially calling Karlie’s boyfriend a liar.  The same boyfriend whose story has not wavered (much) and has stood the test of time. If I were betting on truth, I’m putting my money on the boyfriend.  

The bigger picture is this…the last people to see Karlie have the need to lie about events leading up to her disappearance.  The need to lie indicates they have something to hide.