Authored by Roxanne Walters

Watching the Moore Spray & Pray®, one quickly realizes that ACJ is not utilizing any accuracy by volume. It is Moore Mud® being thrown at the wall in the hope that some of it sticks.

Beating, terrorizing, and choking women makes Travis Moore feel manly

I don’t have to say anything because the screenshots speak for themselves. Plus his 20 days in jail…documented. It is public record.

Like a teenager wanting to impress her crush, she ‘leaked’ information to Travis Moore.  This information was obtained due to her status as an elected official.

Obstruction of Justice à la Kammi

More concerning is that an elected official acquired a private and confidential conversation between a Bishop police officer and an individual. She then turned the private and confidential conversation over to an unlicensed, uncredentialed, and irresponsible “journalist” who published the sensitive information about Karlie Guse, during an active investigation, of a Mono County Case, in a true-crime blog.
Damion Moore publicly stated what was said in a private conversation regarding Karlie’s menstrual cycle. He publicly published information about a private discussion regarding Planned Parenthood. That can’t be ok with readers. That can’t be ok with law enforcement.

Revictimizing Karlie For A Date With Travis?

It is one thing for a Bishop police officer to discuss something in private and in confidence, it’s another for an elected official to then get those private conversations and have them discussed and snippets published publicly during an active investigation of a Mono County case. I am saddened that someone broke confidentiality and shared those private conversations. Regardless of whether it was true or not, it should have never been stated publicly.

I am sorry that information was published about you, Karlie Guse. From the bottom of my heart, you do not deserve this.

It is obvious that Damion Moore is using those private conversations, of a Bishop Police officer and others, to hold over people’s heads and gain some type of control in the situation.
It is one thing for the person to break confidentiality and give those messages to Kammi. It’s another for Kammi to hand them over to Damion and use them to try to influence the investigation.

Slimy Kammi

Additionally, this elected official used her political position to gain access to documents that the average person could not obtain and turned the documents over to the same unlicensed, uncredentialed “journalist” who used the information to create distrust of the private investigator. It discouraged people from cooperating.
I am speaking out about it publicly because nothing is being done about it. And maybe the right person will see this and know what to do.
American Crime Journal is now being used to harass, threaten, discredit, and malign potential witnesses of a Mono County case.
I started a rebuttal to the last article, to point out the shameless attacks on people, and realized that it doesn’t make a difference. ACJ proves my point with each new post. I am comparing screenshots in this post to show readers the nonsense in their own words.

Poop Seekers and Speakers

Karlie was exploited, as was her disappearance. She doesn’t deserve to be reduced to scat [animal poop] to serve those with an agenda. She deserves to be found. Private conversations with a law enforcement officer should have stayed private. Karlie did not deserve to have information regarding her menstrual cycle or Planned Parenthood published publicly. The responsibility of that falls on ACJ. Just like they did not need to publish information regarding having a counselor, calling certain hotlines, and other sensitive topics.

When is all the negativity toward a missing child going to stop? 


Editor’s Note:  Zac and Melissa Guse have worked directly with Travis Moore.  They have invited Travis into their home for an interview.  They are apparently ‘ok’  with Travis Moore shaming and blaming Karlie in his writings.  Again, two of the people who should be protective of Karlie, actively participate and sanction the writer who blames and shames Karlie Guse routinely.  What kind of parent allows someone to treat their child with disdain?  Perhaps the answer is… the kind of parent who also treated their child with disdain. ~Karlie’s Angels


If you have any information concerning the disappearance of Karlie Lain Gusé, PLEASE come forward and be Karlie’s hero.

You can contact the Mono County Sheriff’s Office by emailing them at:
or by calling: 760-932-5678

You may also contact the Sacramento Office of the FBI by calling: 916-746-7000

or contact your local FBI office at:

or contact your nearest Embassy or Consulate at:

or you can submit a tip online at

All tips can remain anonymous.

Please do not submit tips to social media pages. Please contact the authorities directly.

The FBI is offering a reward of up to $5,000 for information that leads to the location of Karlie Lain Gusé.

Websites & Information About Karlie:

Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC):
NCMEC Number: 1341118
Case Number: MP56874