Zac and Melissa Guse along with their ‘ad hoc’ public relations team played the cruelest of ‘jokes’ on Lindsay Fairley (Karlie’s mom) in an effort to silence her. While the intricacies of what happened would take pages of explanation, this podcast interview done by Kyle Dill gives the best explanation of what the Guse’s orchestrated as punishment for Lindsay speaking out against them.

The backstory is complex. There are two main points that are important to note when understanding this event.

  1. The Guse’s chose a friend of Zac’s family to administer the ‘Official Bring Karlie Guse Home’ Facebook page.  She claims to be a psychic.
The picture was taken by Travis Moore at the fake gravesite. In the first picture, he states, “precise date and location unknown.” In the second picture, he states “same rock pile from [the] psychic reading.” Travis seems to want it both ways.

2. Travis Moore has taken on the role of public relations for the Guse’s. He published an article on August 2, 2019, that included a picture of the fake gravesite (see above). Travis spent time in the Bishop, CA area searching for Karlie. He had ties to some of the search parties and had the motive and opportunity to devise this cruel ‘joke’. He also has close ties to the ‘psychic’ that admins the Guse’s Facebook page for Karlie. He claimed that Lindsay has given several different accounts of the ‘fake grave’ trick (this author can only find one account and it’s included below) and even goes as far as to say that he’s not certain the picture taken of the rock pile in his article is accurate. He then goes on to say it is the “same rock pile from [the] psychic reading.”  Which is it?

Is Travis Moore one of the cockroaches referred to in this podcast? You be the judge.