Our Mission

The purpose of Karlie’s Angels is to advocate for Karlie Lain Guse. We are here to educate the general public about the suspicious disappearance of 16 year old Karlie Lain Guse from her home in Chalfant, CA on October 13, 2018. Local law enforcement has refused to list Karlie as anything other than “missing”. We believe she is more than “missing”. We believe the answers will be found close to home. We believe there has been a concerted effort to disparage Karlie as well as those who seek the truth about her disappearance. We believe there has been an organized attempt to distract and confuse the public regarding events surrounding and related to Karlie’s disappearance. We believe there are nefarious reasons for these actions. We could not idly watch as this happened and were moved to join others who demand justice for Karlie Lain Guse. “The dead cannot cry out for justice. It is the duty of the living to do so for them.” Any opinions expressed are our own. We do our best to give credit where credit is due and cite sources. There is no monetary gain gleaned from our website and as such are protected under fair use*.

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